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Another amazing and successful Karma Club meeting was held last week at my house. This time, I invited physician and 30+ year practicing iridologist, Ron Logan, to come and talk about iridology and give individual assessments.

I have a really healthy group of friends, but each of them had slight weaknesses. Some of my friends got new information, but interestingly, many were told of weaknesses in areas that they were, in fact, having problems (some already diagnosed by doctors). It was very interesting, to say the least…

What is iridology?

Iridology is one of the oldest forms of alternative medicine, dating back over 2,000 years. It is even thought to be talked about in the bible, “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light,” Matthew, chapter 6, verse 22.

Iridology is the scientific practice of using markings on the eye’s iris to reveal the patients bodily weaknesses. Similar to the idea of Chinese medicine or reflexology: one body part (like the hand or foot, but in the case, the eye) mirrors the entire body. In iridology, specific points on the eye correspond to different bodily systems since the entire central nervous system feeds into the eye in an organized fashion. Thus, small markings on the iris, sometimes undetectable to the naked eye, give the practitioner clues into the body’s weakest parts.

An eye with a good constitution

How can you use iridology?

There are over 10,000 iridologists in Europe, compared to 1,000 in the United States. In Europe, it is widely accepted and used to identify a person’s general constitution as a starting point for diagnosis. As Dr. Logan explained, iridology cannot “diagnose” diseases like cancer but can clue into weaknesses that may lead to greater problems in the future. If you have a weakness in your adrenals (like me!), for example, them you can incorporate stress reducing practices like meditation and support your adrenals with natural supplements.

A couple fun things you can check out for yourself are:

– Does your eye have a dark rim around the outer edge? This indicates your skin has a hard time detoxifying. You may not sweat through your pours well so toxins can build up. Solution? Try body brushing.

– Do you see light rings (like the age rings of a tree trunk) in your eye? These are “stress rings” that occur from stress and tension. (I had two! No wonder I meditate…)

– Do you see a yellowing over your eye? This is chemical build up (front things like sulfur preservatives) that settle over your real eye color. Apparently a super clean diet and detoxifying can lighten the eye an show its true color underneath. Crazy!

Should I run out and find an iridologist?

First of all, it would be hard to find one! Iridology is a fascinating alternative medicine practice, but there are other methods that are easier to find and just as or even more effective.

Acupuncture, for example, is older than iridology and finds weaknesses or “blockages” by listening to your pulse and looking at your tongue. Acupuncture has been tested and studied in the greater medical arena. Even Mayo Clinic uses acupuncture! So, it is much easier to find a really good practitioner.

An eye with a poor constitution

Bottom line, there are many amazing ways to uncover our body’s messages! Iridology is another awesome example of how the body is divinely designed to give us answers. If there is a seasoned iridologist in your area, you may find it really interesting and informative. Just keep an open mind to all forms of medicine and you will find one that is perfect for YOU.

If you are in Kansas city and are interested being on the Karma Club email list, send me a personal message and I’ll get you on the list!

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So, I have this cool club of women. Freaky amazing women. I have penned it “Karma Club” and it entails Dalai (me) organizing events where we all come together and get exposed to something new. (Here is another Karma Club meeting)

No, not new like Tupperware or cooking utensils. Lordy.

New like a Shaman, Medium, Reiki energy worker, essential oils…THAT kind of stuff.

Stop reading now if you think we are crazy. Because we are. Crazy cool and fun.

Anyhoo, last night we had Barbara Criswell from Aquarius Book Store come and take pictures of our auras. HOW NEET IS THAT?

Well, it was SO neet.

Meet my aura:

Every Aura is Unique

What does yellow mean? Well, there are many interpretations, but generally speaking: happy, enthusiastic, optimistic, humor and laughter.

The most interesting thing about the night is how each of the eleven women had very different auras. Only one other woman had yellow in her aura at all. There were shades of green, blue, orange, purple and pink. There were different patters and shapes. Everyone was unique.

It was particularly intruiging to do this in a group and hear everyone’s aura reading and see how they fit the person we already know.

For example, one friend was lamenting about how crazy and pressured work has been.  When her aura came back, it was bright green which was explained can often have a career/work meaning.  Fun fun.

Kirlian Photography

The history of auras goes back as far as we know.  There are references in the bible as well as depictions of it in art at “halos.”

The first Aura photo was made by the genius scientist Nicola Tesla in 1891 and the technology was improved with the Kirlian electrophotography system in the 1930s.

Electrophotography is taking a “photo” of your electromagnetic energy through acupuncture points in the hands.  Your unique energy at that point will reflect in your aura.

Still with me?  Rolling your eyes?

Really, I wanted to share this with you NOT so I could educated you on electrophotography.


I just wanted to show off my aura.

Or maybe get you thinking about:

1.  Starting your own Karma Club?  More fun than book clubs, I promise!

2. Checking cool people in your city.  There are fascinating people out there.  Go get them!

Question:  Are you guys interested in this kind of stuff? I can give you more. I’m from San Francisco, for Christ Sake.

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I briefly touched on my awesome Karma Club last week. For those of you who are a little late to dinner, I organize (with the help of my amazing friends/groupees), gatherings where interesting practitioners come to teach and inspire us. We are in our third year and so far have had a wide range of visitors:

Last week, we had founder of Earnest Farmacy, Pam Earnest, come and talk to us about food, essential oils, and natural face products.

I have been using a few of Pam’s face products for some time now.  Her line, Apothecary, makes some of the most scrumptious face and body lotions.  They are all natural and extremely affordable.  My favorites are Face it! Moisturizing Face Cream and Goatsilk Body Cream.

On this special night, Earnest Farmacy brought the store to us!

After smelling dozens of essential oils, eating homemade popcorn with pink himalayan salt, and getting foot massages with Young Living pharmaceutical grade oils, we were ready to personalize our body creams. With the help of Pam and her books, we blended our own fragrance of essential oils and added them to her Goatsilk Body Cream.  I selected a vanilla top note, sandalwood middle note and lemon base note.  It smells amazing!!! Here are some of my girls working on their creams…

Here is the heart and brains behind Earnest Farmacy, Pam, making us green smoothies…

After getting an amazing foot massage, The Dalai got some lessons on pressure points.

My kids are gong to love this! Give them a foot massage with calming essential oils – they may actually sit and chill for a minute…when they aren’t laughing hysterically.

It was another amazing night with inspiring people! I’m so lucky to be surrounded by fun, open-minded friends that will explore just about anything I throw at them 🙂

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