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I got some hilarious emails & comments from readers and friends about my Friday’s post that prompted me to take some snap shots from a different perspective.

It is easy to zoom in, filter out the noise, and see beauty in everyday objects around you. Zoom out, however, and I live in the heart of the Chaos Theory.

Let’s start with my desk, which looks like this every day. I have an organizational rhythm beneath the exterior mayhem which Dalai Dan cannot appreciate. This desk is possibly our biggest threat to our marriage, second only to his milk expiration date phobia.

My bathroom is not much better. If I know I’m going to use all of this stuff the next day, why bother?

Let move onto the animals, who try their very best to add a unique imprint on our home. Remember my favorite chair? It is right next to this mess created the same day by our bladder-challenged dog.

Moving onto our cat, who poops no less than 12 times a day. And every time she does, she digs a whole big enough to conceal a dead body, enthusiastically flinging her litter all over the floor.

Notice the towel under her litter box? It is there because she constantly underestimated the size of her butt. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched Mia squat her bum over the edge and pee all over the floor.

There is the dirty girl…

Our children are no better than the animals. Their destructive force is immeasurable. I have commiserated about it with you here.

Dalai Daniel’s lego obsession has not been thwarted. His lego men, heads, arms, and pieces are still all over the house. And in the vacuum cleaner bag. I bet there are 3 dozen severed lego hands in there.

This is a light day for the air hockey table. Only home to 3 coats, 2 pairs of socks, 1 plate with cemented quesadilla cheese, 2 granola bar wrappers, 1 backpack, 1 guitar, 1 tennis racquet, and 27 school worksheets.

I have my limits. I refuse to show you what I found INSIDE the toilet, which could be anywhere from 8 hours to 3 days old. We are still working on flushing in the Dalai household.

All-in-all, an accurate reflection of a typical Sunday mess.

I hope this makes you feel better about your stained carpet, overstuffed drawers, and out-of-control clutter. You are in good company ūüėČ

I’m off to clean! Have a fantastic, clean day!

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It has been a while since my camera has been out of its case. Since I am now obsessed with Pinterest, I decided to spend some time today taking photos of some of my favorite things around my house. You can see them here, and on my Pinterest boards if you want to follow me there!

My Favorite Chair

My Favorite Table Art: WoodLucker’s mechanical picture Joy Diver. When you push a small lever, the word “Joy” appears in the coral.

My Favorite Rug

My Favorite Retreat: My Shower! I love seeing the tree’s shadow change through the seasons.

My Favorite Bench

My Favorite Jonathan Adler Lamp

What are some of your favorite things?

Are you on Pinterest? Or should I ask…are you obsessed with Pinterest like me???

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The table is set, the two turkey’s are in the oven, and I have already gotten into the pumpkin tart. The day is looking good!

Happy Thanksgiving!





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Sometimes you just can’t blog because you actually have real shit to do.



And for the last couple days, serious shit went down. For hours I’ve been taking inventory of my basement contents and all outdated, broken, worthless, and unused items have either been recycled, regifted, or rejected.


Sorry, readers, but I have been totally consumed.  Possessed.  Manic.


It all started when my new dining room chairs were delivered, necessitating the storage of 6 old chairs until I get them back to my mother-in-law.  That lead me to the basement and all things scary and repressed.


You know, the basement is supposed to reflect our past, which is probably why so much junk ends up there, we often don’t want to deal with it, and when we finally do, it’s a lot of work. ¬†So the next time you have a little flood or sewer backup, maybe your basement is telling you there is some past crap you need to take care of.


If it wasn’t for Dalai Dan offering to help, I don’t think I could have faced the staggering amounts of old junk clogging my cosmic energy. I’m pretty sure I freed an 8 year-old Dalai, mortified after the school nurse found lice in her hair, in an old box of empty DVD boxes. A huge bag of random late century stereo cords was the key to letting go of my pent up anger towards my Kindergarten teacher who yelled at me for not understanding a math worksheet.Bitch. Poor, stressed out woman.

I feel liberated. ¬†And that is just the beginning. ¬†I haven’t even tackled the closets, cupboards, and garage. ¬†Don’t worry, I’ll resurface.




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Sally squirrel will be missed by all squirrel kind. They knew her as a hard-working girl who was smart and crafty. While the rest of the squirrel tribe was content making their houses in trees, Sally had a better idea. She dreamed of a better life and finally grabbed the bull by the horns. It took a week to finally gnaw through the soffit, but she never gave up. ¬†Finally, on a glorious afternoon, her persistence paid off and her new home was discovered: the Dickinson’s soffit and attic space! ¬†That clever girl made a home out of duct work insulation and expanded her pad with the addition of a new west wing and second entrance. ¬†She likely made her home there for a couple of years, enjoying the warmth and safety of human structure. ¬†That was, until she got too greedy and reckless. ¬†She was eventually sniffed out when her new “play room” over the master bedroom alerted owners of her illegal squatting attempts.

The owners thought it might be mice or even bats.  But it was just Sally, and her time had come.

May she rest in peace.

(and may God have mercy on the owners who paid for her extermination)

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Dalai Dan and I have a disagreement over trees. He likes big, fat trees that more resemble an overgrown bush from an neglected highway median. I prefer feathery, dainty trees that have an airy whimsy about them.

We have decided to split the difference and alternate tree selection each year.

Last year our obese hedge fell three times, breaking a dozen ornaments and causing water damage. Only a few hearty ornaments survived the accidents. We are now left with mostly handmade embellishments.

This year was my turn. When I reminded Dalai Dan that it was my year to pick the tree, the evil man tried to turn the kids against me by frightening them with descriptions of a tree so pathetic and disfigured that it would make baby Jesus cry and Santa Clause skip our house.

I persevered.

The kids did most of the work (including the handmade ornaments). Eighty percent of the ornaments where on the lower 1/4 of the tree until I redistributed them. Overall it looks like homemade Christmas – down to Annabelle’s decorating attempt on the coffee table. Nothin’ like a Fisher Price nativity set to remind us of what Christmas is all about.

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My shoulders ache, three nails are broken, and my evening is shot, but the annual unfurling of the winter family room is complete.

Each fall and spring I switch out rugs and slip covers to give our family room a fresh look. It is a daunting task that takes HOURS and produces hundreds of feathers to be found in every orifice of the room.  I attempted to put the vacuum cleaner away three times only to be thwarted by another piece of fluff missed or moved by the undetectable breath of the furnace.

I spent every minute after the kids went to bed stripping, stuffing and cleaning. And as sure as the rain is wet, the couch will be covered with dog hair and lightly peppered with sticky raisins and granola bar crumbs before Thanksgiving arrives. So, I must be satisfied with these spotless pictures.

Here is the rug and spring covers that are going to get cleaned and ready for warmer weather…

Ahhhh….one more look before I go to bed. Our warm, cozy, winter den…

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