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I am excited, nervous, insecure, thrilled and petrified all at the same time.

I mentioned in my Personal Lows and Highs of 2011 that I was working on a new website. My current site is a free platform using WordPress. I made it and managed it myself for long enough. It was desperately needing more functionality and a personal feel.

Working with Tilpro has been a delight (maybe not for them! I am slow as cold molasses) It has been such a learning process. I am in awe of you computer people out there. How do you keep up with all of the changes, products and plug-ins out there? I can’t even keep track of my cel phone.

So, SOMETIME this week, we will finally be going live with it! Enough stalling on my part. I have to get over “It’s not perfect” or “I like hers better than mine” and “But I don’t have my reference page done yet!”

It’s not set in stone, Dalai. You can keep tweaking and adding, so lighten up. (This is my new mantra: lighten up and enjoy the ride)

For those of you already subscribing, I am hoping we don’t lose you. If you don’t here from me after a few days, come check back and re-subscribe. I’d hate to miss any of you amazing people! You will also have an option to subscribe to every post or a weekly newsletter. That is exciting, I know, for all of you wanting to cut down on your emails!

Here is what you will notice right away:

1. Home Page – My home page will give a newcomer a much better feel for what I’m about and allow them to get a quick glimpse of different articles. You can keep coming here and clicking on the articles you want to read OR you can read them in old-fashioned scrolling blog format on the Blog Page.

2. Blog Page – Notice that right after the ABOUT page is a page called BLOG. Go here if you like to read it chronologically, one right after the other, like you have been.

3. New Categories – I tightened up the categories a bit. Hope this doesn’t cause any problems, but I didn’t think I needed a category for my every thought. Let me know if you see anything funny 🙂

4. Share Buttons – Hopefully you will find it easier to spread the Dalai all over the Universe.

5. Print Recipe – YIPPEE! I now have a print recipe button! But, I have not populate all of my old recipes yet (they want be to wait until it goes live so I don’t lose any efforts) and will be working on that after the launch.

Can I ask a favor? If you see wacky things, are disappointed in something, or have a great idea of how I can improve on things, PLEASE send me an email or comment! I completely trust you and want to make this site easy and enjoyable for you. All of this is for you and I want nothing more than make this website like a home away from home. Thanks for al of your support, guys! Send good launching thoughts my way!

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Swear Jar

It’s that time of year again: Lent. Last year I wrote this article, A Skeptics Lent Reflections, because I have always had an aversion to giving things up for Lent. I feel like someone out there needs to break the rules and I’ve always been happy to take that role.

Looks like this year may be an exception…

So, I was in the car with a bunch of kids and my nephew told us that he was giving up candy (My niece promptly replied she wasn’t giving up anything. My soul-sister, that girl…so proud) and Thomas piped in telling the entire car that I needed to give up swearing for Lent.


I figured if my 10-year-old is parenting me, I may need to step it up a notch. So, I made a deal that I will put a $1 in this jar every time I say a bad word. I’m on the honor system when they are not around. At the end of lent, they can divvy up the money amongst themselves.

It’s only been a day and I’ve already had to pay $3.00.

I think the kids were being extra bad just to make me swear. D&mn them.

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So, you decided you are going to try the 5-day Jumpstart Detox. Awesome! I really can’t wait to hear about what you feel and think along the way. You have to promise me you will share the good and the bad with me. Others will want to know your tips and turning points so they know they are not alone!

It isn’t always a piece of cake…but don’t worry. If you take time to prepare yourself, you will be much more likely to succeed and feel in control.

Before Monday, Answer These Questions So You Are Totally Ready!

1. Why did you decide to try a cleanse? To lose weight? To stop cravings? To jumpstart a longer commitment to healthy eating? Kick a caffeine addiction?

Getting an idea of your goals for this detox will help ensure you don’t blow it in the end.

I am doing it for all of those reasons. I have found that eliminating inflammatory foods – like wheat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine and animal products – and being very strict for a manageable amount of time kicks my cravings fast and helps me lay the foundation for continued healthy eating. Thus, I don’t plan on eating more Christmas cookies on day 6 🙂

So, don’t stop after the detox! Use it to propel you into a year of healthy eating! This isn’t a diet…it is about changing the foods we put in our bodies permanently. You may find that eliminating some of these foods makes you feel so good that you don’t want to add the back!

2. How does your calendar look?

How Does next week look for you? Is it full of things that will have you running all around town? Do some of your appointments back up to each other not allowing you to get a healthy meal in?

Make sure you set yourself up for success by allowing yourself to have an easier week. I know that isn’t always possible, but if you can reschedule some meetings or errands, do it!

I am one who’s eating deteriorates when I am too busy to deal with food: I’ll just grab something that isn’t the best for me. I don’t even care and think I somehow deserve it because I’m busting my butt.

5. What is one life-giving thing that you would like to do this week?

I’m going to make an appointment for a massage! What can you treat yourself to?

Maybe a lunch with an old friend at a place that has wonderful salads? Or trying that yoga class you have always wanted to check out. What about walking through the museum exhibit you keep telling yourself you will do. Have you always wanted to get energy work done?

Think about this and don’t stop there: MAKE AN APPOINTMENT AND PUT IT ON YOU CALENDAR!

4. What foods are you going to eat?

If you are planning on ordering food from Conveniently Natural, make sure you call them (913-475-8004) by Friday and mention the Dalai Lina cleanse for 10% off!

If you are making your own foods, start looking NOW at possible recipes that you can eat from all week. I like to make one soup and one side like a rice, bean or quinoa dish.

Remember, you can make most recipes vegan by altering some of the ingredients!

Here are some ideas:

Indian Roasted Tomato Soup

Broke Bean Stew

Spicy Collard Green and Black-Eyed Pea Soup

Lickable Lentil Stew (substitute vegetable stock)

French Lentil Soup

Mexican Quinoa (omit the cheese)

Quinoa Tabouli

Curried Quinoa (substitue vegan sour cream for the yogurt)

Mexican Bean Salad

Barefoot Contessa Roasted Carrots and Brussel Sprouts

You can find so many amazing recipes on the internet, if these don’t tickle your fancy, spend some time looking at some food blogs. Here are some of my favorite: Oh She Glows, Peas and Thank You, The Edible Perspective, Sketch-free Vegan, and The Wannabe Chef.

If anyone has an amazing recipe, please share the link in the comments!

Once you have your recipes, print them off, highlight what ingredients you will need, and tuck them aside until tomorrow when we will make a grocery list.

So, stay tuned! Tomorrow, I’ll give you some foods to put on your list so you can go to the grocery store this weekend and be all ready for Monday!

Until then, chill out today on the sugar and caffeine…

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Everyone is talking about New Year’s Resolutions.

Resolution: determining a course of action. Seems simple enough. You would never start a business without a plan, so why take your life any less seriously? Yes, you will still evolve and grow without a plan. That’s inevitable. Intentions, however, make the trip a little faster and a little easier.

Before looking forward, I find it helpful to take a look back and see what I have done well and when I have come short of my highest good. This helps me realize my progress. I’m always surprised at how much progress I make because it never really feels like much. I also am much more inclined to remember all of the things I didn’t accomplish over the great highlights of the year.

Do you have that tendency too? If so, take some time to think about the lows and the HIGHS of this past year. Pat yourself on the back for all the good things you have accomplished and use that momentum to propel you into an even more amazing 2012!

So, here is my personal review: Five Lows and Five Highs on 2011

I’ll start with My Not-So-Stellar-Moments. Get them over with and end on a good note.

1. I really fell off meditation this year. I have my own meditation room that is collecting dust and that really bums me out! I’m not sure what point in the year it happened, but it did and I completely felt the difference. I have been more snappy, more disconnected, and more stressed. I can’t rely on the 5 minutes of shavasana at the end of a yoga class anymore. I need to make this a habit and priority in 2012.

2. Snapping. I have been unnecessarily snapping at my kids and losing my patience at little things. I’ve slipped into these old habits and I know it is because I have let myself shift out of balance. I have been so busy trying to improve and grow DalaiLina.com (more on that later) that I allowed my regular meditation, energy work and massage to suffer. And it shows. Believe me, just ask my kids and Dalai Dan. And if I want to be REALLY honest on an international platform, when I completely lose it, I swear like a sailor. My potty mouth is as big and colorful as Yankee Stadium restrooms. My poor kids have just about heard it all. God forgive me.

3. This one is a little harder for me to articulate…I have a tendency to try to do everything myself. That coupled with my introspective nature and reluctancy to reach out to others has held me back. I am finally realizing that the more authentic connections I make, the more I offer to help others, and the more I let down my guard and ask for help, the easier this journey will be. This is particularly true for DalaiLina.com – if I want to reach and help more people, then I need to get over my fear of rejection and start making meaningful connections to like-minded bloggers. Collaboration increases creativity and success exponentially: I can’t do it all myself.

4. My evening routine has got to go. With lap tops, iPads, and the television, Dalai Dan and I are totally plugged in to technology instead of each other. We have gotten in a bad habit of finishing up business until right before bed. Dalai D’s sleep is suffering and I am feeling like I’m living with a roommate. We have let it go too long and it has to stop.

5. Nutrition! Lordy, this end of the year has got to be one of the worst in Dalai Lina’s history. I have let things get in the way of me preparing nutritious whole foods and my body is pissed off. I know that it all ties into being too busy and letting my foundation of support (like meditation) crumble. When stress is higher, you are more likely to let yourself be run by old habits and unconscious triggers. I’m starting off 2012 with a beautiful cleanse and follow it with whole food eating!

So, there goes all my blunders. Can you relate to some? But it wasn’t all bad…

The Highlights of 2011

1. 209 posts. Really? I wrote 209 articles in a year? That is definitely something I am proud of. Most bloggers don’t last after the first year, but I am just picking up steam. Many people ask me why I do this (since I make no money…maybe someday) and the answer is because I truly love it and I have a passion and vision of helping others. I want people to leave with a smile, or a feeling that they are not alone, or an inspirational idea. If one person is a little bit happier after reading one of my posts, I have accomplished more than money can show.

2. I am always striving to learn and expand. I love evolving. I love being challenged. And 2011 was no exceptions. From dozens of books, to countless articles, videos, podcasts and seminars, I am in this life to learn and to pass it onto you. You can count on me for that. I am proud of my thirst for information and openness to new ideas.

3. Travel. It is in my blood. I long to explore all the corners of the world. Beyond Disney World and the occasional beach resort. Real, meaningful travel. I had been feeling deprived and made it a goal in 2011 to change that. With a trip to the rainforest and another trip to France, I’d say I nailed it. Now I just have to keep that momentum going.

4. Website development. Yep, big changes are coming to DalaiLina.com. I have been using a free WordPress blog site and its limitations are killing me. Finally, in November, I found and went under contract with Tilpro, a local website developer, to come up with a custom look and more helpful website for you all. I have no clue how long these thing take, but I’ll keep you posted!

5. Connections, connections…I mentioned in #3 above that I was disappointed in my reluctancy to use the tools it takes to make connections. I was never on Facebook. Never on Twitter. I didn’t attempt to make personal connections to fellow beloved bloggers. Well, I have already started turning that around the end of 2011. I met with Cannon Social Media and got the low down. I’m no longer am intimidated (well, I sorta still am, but its getting better) by the social media world and hope to fully embrace it in 2012.

What are you the most proud of? What did you accomplish that you would like to thank yourself for? Don’t be shy, I love to hear from you!

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For me, it is that time of year again:  time to assess my life and come up with my long-term and short-term goals.  I know many people do this on a true calendar year basis, but with kids in school, my life follows the same rhythm.  It is a new year for me.

So, for the last couple days I have been looking at my old goals, reviewing my progress, and getting a feel for what I want to focus on next.

I discovered a couple interesting things:

  • Somethings take much longer than I thought
  • Somethings happened quicker than I had planned
  • Somethings didn’t happen at all and are no longer important to me

For example, my career goals were to figure out Twitter (DONE but don’t really use it so maybe my goal should have been TWEET REGULARLY), and talk with internet guru about sh** I don’t understand (STILL TRYING TO FIND SOMEONE. ANYONE? HELP.)

My health goal was to do a cleanse ever-other-month cleanses and I knocked that out of the ballpark. Bravo.

I never got to Kripalu, but I did go the the Amazon rainforest, so I’ll call that even.

My family/home goal was go to church more than once a quarter and organize the basement. I’m happy to say that my basement is organized and that I no longer care how many times I have gone to church.

My relationship/recreational goal was to go on week long, exotic vacation with my husband. Trip to France. Check.

My volunteer/charity goal was to participate in a family volunteer activity once a quarter, and almost achieved it by doing 3 family activities. I’m laughing thinking about our first soup kitchen trip where my oldest acted as if being poor and homeless was contagious while Dalai T walked right in and, before I could stop him, had gone through the line and helped himself to a turkey dinner.

So, as you can see, I achieved some goals but not all of them. If you are already in the habit of writing down goals, this would be the perfect time to unearth them and do an end or mid-year review.  If you are new to this concept, this is the perfect time to start!  Can you imagine a business being successful without goals or performance reviews?  How is your life different?

Of course you will grow and evolve without setting goals – that is the beauty of life.  Goals just help you define, focus and achieve your aspirations faster.  Even more importantly, when you DON’T accomplish a goal, it is an excellent way to review and analyze WHY you didn’t.

When you are thinking about your goals for the year, it is helpful to break them up into categories.  You may not have goals in all areas, and that’s ok.  The areas I like to look at are:

  1. Financial
  2. Career
  3. Health/Wellness
  4. Family/Home
  5. Relationship
  6. Recreational
  7. Volunteer/Charity

Write or type these categories on a piece of paper – make sure you date it.  Once you take the time to think and fill it out your goals under each, don’t hide it!  Put it somewhere you will see it.

After you come up with your goals and pin them on your bulletin board, you can refer to them when you are making your daily or weekly “to do” lists.  Most larger goals are achieved by smaller, incremental steps.  For example, if you have a charity goal of working at a soup kitchen, the first step is opening the phone book.  Now you have a few numbers to call when you are ready.  You don’t have to do it all at once!

Don’t procrastinate! Start thinking and writing down how you want this next year to look like – no excuses. Create the framework and watch things start falling into place!

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I have always hated asking for help. It was a sign of weakness. Proof that there is something wrong with me – something that I couldn’t do.

I have worked through a lot of those old beliefs, but there is a shadow of them still lurking in the recesses of my childhood brain. There is still part of me that doesn’t want to admit I can’t do it all myself. Sound familiar?

What a crock! Everyone needs support! As a matter of fact, most successful people have had support in the form of a mentor at least one time in their lives. Life Coaches have become so mainstream in Hollywood that just about every actor, director, producer and executive has one.

The turning point for me came 4 years ago. I was feeling lost. Unfulfilled. I had a great life – everything you could want – yet, I felt confused and lacking. I was yearning for more in my life, but couldn’t articulate what “more” was. I knew that traditional counseling wasn’t what I needed, but what then? Who do you turn to when you need help sorting things out and getting back on track?

For me, the answer was a life coach.

A personal life coach helps identify specific goals as well as develop strategies and action plans that will help you achieve the highest level of happiness and success. A good coach helps you envision your future AND gives you the tools to attain that vision. They encourage you to stretch yourself beyond old, dysfunctional beliefs and patterns so you can accomplish your wildest dreams.

So, I finally gave up trying to solve all of my problems and decided to schedule a meeting with a local life coach, Jill Tupper. My first thoughts were, “OMG, am I REALLY doing this? What are people going to think? I’m crazy? Lame? Maybe just a little weird? And, what am I gong to say to her???”

Well, 4 years later and not a day goes by that I am not thankful I asked for help. When I compare where I was 4 years ago to where I am now, it is remarkable.

Before seeing a life coach, my life was centered around a bunch of “shoulds” that kept me busy doing things that were sucking me dry. My path was being decided by what I thought others wanted me to do, not what fed my spirit.

Through her incredible intuition, life experiences, training, and a wide range of tools, Jill was able to get to the heart of the matter in one sitting. Her sessions are like “working meetings” where you leave feeling like you got a lot done and you have a plan in hand. Without her, who knows how long it would have taken me to realize some simple truths that transformed my life’s path.

Since then, I emptied my plate of uninspiring volunteer work, started my own blog, and write almost every day. I have never looked back. I have never felt guilty. And I have thrived.

What do you need? H-E-L-P? Think about getting a mentor. Maybe start your own business support group? (I’m actually interested in starting a local blog support group if anyone is interested) Or, treat yourself to your very own life coach. It is SOOOO nice to have the support.

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When I’m 80 years old and I look back at my life I want to be able to say:


  • I never stopped taking good care of myself
  • I didn’t damage my children too much
  • Dalai Dan and I still crack each other up
  • I lived in other parts of the world
  • I’ve gotten wiser, happier, and more peaceful with age
  • My kids like each other
  • I’ve worked with important leaders and thinkers
  • I finished Annabelle’s baby book
  • My children felt free to follow their life’s purpose
  • I have all my teeth
  • My grandchildren still want to come to my house
  • I traveled all over the world helping people lead healthy and happy lives
  • I wrote a book about it
And so it shall happen, readers…I still have 40 years…

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