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Final Countdown…



It’s almost here! Check back tonight and then tell me what you think of the new website! You can be my personal debuggers.

Until then, here are some Dalai highlights from the past week:

* Swear Jar is up to $23

* I made the most amazing raw brussel sprout and kale salad that you are going to die over – I’ll post after Spring Break!

* Dalai T asked how a baby comes out of the tummy and I told him “doctors cut them out.” I’m not proud of myself.

* Dalai Dan went shopping Sunday: Captain Crunch, Oreos, Pringles, Fruity Snacks, Trix Yogurt, and Lunchables. It’s no wonder they prefer him.

* I just bought the exact pair of white jeans with ankle zippers that I owned in 8th grade.

* I just started reading The Passion Test and I’m loving it!

* I somehow got roped into doing a karaoke dance performance for charity that requires me to memorize 87 moves, including the clock, the jerk and jazz squares.

* My legs saw their first sunlight in 6 months yesterday…until my daughter had to ask me why “marks” (aka veins) all over them.

* In 4 days we leave for Disney World! Kids are out of their minds with excitement. I am frightened to put on a bathing suit…with my marks and all…

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Swear Jar

It’s that time of year again: Lent. Last year I wrote this article, A Skeptics Lent Reflections, because I have always had an aversion to giving things up for Lent. I feel like someone out there needs to break the rules and I’ve always been happy to take that role.

Looks like this year may be an exception…

So, I was in the car with a bunch of kids and my nephew told us that he was giving up candy (My niece promptly replied she wasn’t giving up anything. My soul-sister, that girl…so proud) and Thomas piped in telling the entire car that I needed to give up swearing for Lent.


I figured if my 10-year-old is parenting me, I may need to step it up a notch. So, I made a deal that I will put a $1 in this jar every time I say a bad word. I’m on the honor system when they are not around. At the end of lent, they can divvy up the money amongst themselves.

It’s only been a day and I’ve already had to pay $3.00.

I think the kids were being extra bad just to make me swear. D&mn them.

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Happy Birthday To Me!

Yes, today I officially turn 40! At 9:10am, 40 years ago, in a California hospital, I entered this world butt first. (much to the uncomfort of my mother) As she got to know me over the years, she said it was apropos that I would chose to be born differently than everyone else. Baring it all from the beginning…

Here is a little photo tribute to myself. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed looking through our old photo albums.

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes and have a beautiful day!

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My newest obsession is Downton Abby. How did I not know this show existed until 2 weeks ago? You know my preoccupation with all things English and historical…why didn’t you tell me? I’ve been watching the old episodes from Netflix, absorbing every minute like chamois. Then, hovering over the mailbox for the next disc.

I want to be Lady Mary Crawley. Ok, it kind of sucks that she can’t inherit her father’s estate because she is a girl. But she has a personal assistant and a beautiful wardrobe.

What strikes me about this show is how far women have come in 100 years. So many amazing achievements that are due to the sacrifices of women before us.

In Downton Abby, women who do things for themselves and don’t have a staff are looked down on. However, the funny thing is, I think we may have gotten ourselves in the opposite situation! Thanks to Women’s Lib, we are not only allowed to do anything we want, we are expected to be Superwomen and do it all. WITHOUT ANY HELP. I feel like it is often “looked down on” if a women has assistance.

Nanny picking the kids up from school? Hummm…
Housecleaner? Oh, how lucky for her.
A cook to help with meals? Seems indulgent if you ask me.
Personal Assistant? And she doesn’t even have a job!

Remember, ladies, women’s liberation was a movement to ensure our equal place in society. Now we CAN chose to do anything we want, just like men. But, this does’t mean we have to do it all. And it definitely doesn’t mean we have to do all it without help.

Women should support each other and our capacities. If we want to work, great. If we want to stay home, great. If we want a nanny, great.

We have not failed our feminist foremothers if we chose to raise a family and find out that it is so damn hard we need help.

Ok, now for Master Matthew Crawley…the dishes can wait 🙂

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Imagine that you are preparing dinner for a very important and celestial guest. For me, I’m picturing Jesus coming to dinner. Maybe you have Allah, Buddha, or just good ole God gracing your dining table. Whoever your Holy guest is, they will be eating with you tonight!

What would you feed someone Holy and Divine?

I imagine that you would choose your favorite recipes, make a list of ingredients, and take time at the store picking the perfect items. You would select the brightest strawberries, the freshest spinach and the most beautiful wild caught salmon.

You would come home, make sure you were not rushed, and lovingly prepare all the dishes for your Divine guest. You wouldn’t mind the cost, time, or effort it took because this was for someone special!

You couldn’t imagine picking up a drive-through dinner or quickly throwing together Hamburger Helper for your Holy visitor! You would never offer them a frozen dinner or Starbucks coffee. Why? Because a special spirit deserves only the best food.

What, however, would you have fed yourself if you didn’t have a Divine guest to feed?

You are Spirit and you deserve the same life-giving nourishment

Without your body, where would your spirit live? Your spirit and body are meant to work together to help you grow, evolve and succeed. Your body isn’t just along for the ride! Feeding it addictive foods like sweets, sodas, coffee, processed foods, breads, and take-out only dull the senses, keeping us stuck. Its hard to soar and excel when you are stuck in a food coma.

Imagine treating your body like the Divine vessel it is and only offering it the highest quality nourishment. You would have the keen senses, clear intuition, and vibrant health to propel you forward and achieve your wildest dreams!

Food and Spirituality and interconnected

We see this in the bible, we see this in our rituals, and we see this in our every day traditions: food is integral to our spiritual experience.

It is no coincidence that if you are a spiritual person you likely have an interest in healthy food. Likewise, often people who are very interested in whole, clean eating find themselves very drawn toward spiritual exploration.

They are dependent and enhance each other. It was designed that way.

Treat yourself like a God

For those of you that are completing the last day of the cleanse, you just spent five days treating your bodies with Divine respect. How did that make you feel?

It isn’t always easy breaking ourselves from addictive foods. Heck, I can’t wait for my glass of wine on Saturday! But, the closer we get to treating ourselves like the holy spirits we are, the more in-tuned we will become, the greater success we will see, and the faster we will achieve our goals.

Congratulations on finishing 5 days of beautiful eating! Have a great weekend and keep treating yourself like the rock-star holy hot bodies you are!

***Interested in reading more about this topic? Check out this great book: If Buddha Came to Dinner by Hale Sofia Schatz

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Death is so diverse. Even after volunteering for two years with Vitas Hospice, I am surprised to see what dying looks like. Sometimes dying looks like they could go out and play 9 holes of golf. Sometimes dying looks like my grandmother: just old and sweet. Sometimes dying looks just like dying. It is deforming, crippling and painful.

Sometimes dying feels joyous. Sometimes it is just…accepted. Often dying is ignored or feared.

Each person handles it their own, unique way. All of their past accumulated to this one point in time. All the memories, feeling and beliefs influencing the process.

No matter how many people I meet, I am often surprised at when the transition from life to death occurs. Sometimes the healthiest looking ones can be the first to go. Maybe because they are ready? And the sickest can often grip onto life so desperately that they last longer than anyone expected. YOU JUST CAN KNOW FOR SURE when it is going to happen.

I just had my college roommate die yesterday after a year-long battle with breast cancer. Only 39 years-old and leaving two young children behind. It is such a sad loss.

I knew she was at the end. But, still I was so shocked! I thought there was more time. But, I should know more than most people that you just never know what death looks like! Even if they just had a bunch of friends come visit and they looked darling in their Anthropology pants.

Dying can still look pretty.

Here’s to you, Amy! Pretty until the end 🙂

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In my 1 year and 9 months of blogging, I have never looked at my site stats for the year’s most viewed posts.

Today, after seeing every blogger I follow posting “year in reviews,” I got peer pressured into it.

What I found was shocking and (potentially) disturbing…

My boys butts blew all my other posts away.

Here are the top three viewed posts of 2011:

1. Pool Boys

A quick post about swim team and its invasion of my life was never meant to be more than a brief look into a day-in-the-life of yours truly. I couldn’t resist taking picture of the three boys in their speedos because their little butts are so cute. Really a sleeper post, who knew it would get almost 4 times the views as the next three top post.

Those poor unsuspecting Googlers trying to get a hot photo of a toned, tanned and greased-up pool boy must have been very disappointed at the scrawny little butts my post provided. I’m just hoping my boy’s backsides aren’t being used as Sandusky’s screen saver.

2. Piranha!

This post was another quick one sent from the rainforest after a piranha fishing expedition. It wasn’t something I would have thought would find its way to thousands of readers, but WordPress picked it up in “Freshly Pressed” and the rest was history. The power of the internet in amazing if you can get your post in the right hands.

3. 2011 Farmers Market Guide

This helpful post is geared for Kansas Citians who want to participate in the local farmer’s markets. Sometimes it is hard to remember where they are located and what days/times they are open, so each year I plan on updating this information for my local readers!

The most viewed posts were interesting to discover, but they were not my favorite to white or to re-read. After careful reflection, here are:

My Top 10 Favorite Posts of 2011

These post weren’t necessarily the most viewed or most commented, but they meant the most to me. They came from my heart and were written to inspire, teach and open up to you.

My promise to you in 2012 is to write more of these posts. To walk hand-n-hand with you on this journey of self-improvement. More than anything, I want to convey to all my readers over this next year that you are perfect, safe, brilliant, loved and not alone.

Thank you for being a part of my life and join me in 2012 for an amazing year!

1. Reincarnation: A Mid-Life Review

2. Carpool Meditation

3. Great Intentions

4. A Skeptics Lent Reflections

5. Hurry is Fear in Disguise

6. I SAY YES (but I mean no)

7. Presently Present

8. Our Mothers…

9. Is Being Right Pissing You Off?

10. An Easy Way to Identify Your Unconscious Thoughts

And for the Ugliest Post of 2011…

Warning: Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse Part 2

Be safe and have an amazing New Year’s Day!

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Do you have your own questions? Go to Tiny Buddha and submit your photo and question by mid January for a chance to win a camera. I know some of you out there are photographers!

I added my words and reduced the file size using Picnik.com – it is free and EASY to use.

This project would be a great one to do with an older child, wouldn’t it? Kids are so authentic and honest. I can only imagine what mine would come up with…

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What is the point of being RIGHT if it makes you feel

frustrated and

If we attach ourselves to what we believe is “right” so much that any other outcome throws us into deep, negative emotions…what is the point?

*Let’s say someone almost hit your car when they changed lanes, and you were angry for hours because they were in the wrong.

*Or a cashier opened a new lane and asked for the next in line and someone who came after you went ahead…and it made you furious because you knew you were right.

*How about someone lied to you and you believe they should apologize to you because that is the right thing to do. But they don’t, and you justify your anger because you are “right.”

If creating these delineations of right and wrong can have the power to make you feel rage,

then it is a clear sign from the God that your system isn’t working.

Every emotion is giving us a sign.

Pay attention.

Rage and anger are signs that something is out of whack:

Our minds (making the rules) is not in alignment with our divine spirit (that knows we all live under the same state of grace)

So, this week, pay attention to what makes you angry. Are you right? Has your mind been actively ruminating over all the reasons you are right? And every time you think of it, you spiral down to that low emotional vibration?

Well, then, how is being right working for you? Sounds pretty miserable to me.

I’d rather be wrong and happy.

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How quickly dinner at the Dalai household can deteriorate…

1.  If we could time travel, Dalai Dan would want to go into the future 200 years.

2. Thomas would want to go back to the 1600s.

3. Pissy Missy is dying to go a whole year into the future.

4. Dalai Lina would rather lose a leg than an arm.

5. The rest cheated and opted for pinkie toes. Max a shaft of hair.

6. If they could do any job, Max would want to be an NFL quarterback.

7. Thomas a scientist.

8. Annabelle wants to work at a donut shop.

9. If she had to marry someone to save the world, Annabelle would pick Addison.

10. Dalai Daniel would marry his chair or let the world explode.

11. If she could live any city, Annabelle choose South Carolina (although she has never been there).

12. If we could re-live any vacation, Dalai D would go back to Mexico.

13. I would go to France.

14. If we had to pick any skin color that doesn’t already exist, Dalai T and Dalai Dad would pick light blue. Max wants red, Annabelle yellow, Daniel orange and me, purple.

15. All the kids opted for a viral video of themselves picking and eating their buggers over going to school naked.

16. Surprisingly, Max would rather drink Thomas’s pee over our dog’s poo.

17. Annabelle would choose our cat’s poo over our dogs. (So would I)

18. There were various poo/pee combinations, and 90% of the time, pee won.

19. Thomas would rather have an epic fart in front of the President over peeing in his pants.

20. All were unanimous that they would rather have uncuttable, shoulder length ear hair over nose hair.

21. The boys chose losing their outer ears over having no nose and looking like Voldemort.

22. Dalai Dan would rather have hair down to his butt over being bald.

23. Pissy Missy would rather lose her teeth over having a big, pointy nose like her mom.

24. I told her I would start praying for her to have a big pointy nose.

25. Finally, when asked what other parent would have an inappropriate conversation like this one with their kids, without hesitation they all yelled “Mr. Bolin!”

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