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I apologize to the Capricorns out there who were jipped. I’m blaming it on the snow.

I certainly wasn’t going to skip Aquarius, however, since the Dalai was born under the water bearer sign. Aquarius people are considered to be intellectual, creative and independent. They are the humanitarians and visionaries of society. They can also be impatient and detached, as I can attest to.

Apparently, fellow Aquarians, it is time to get to work. Its time to save the world instead of dream about it.

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This was a particularly interesting horoscope to me, since THREE out of four of my kids are Sagittariuses (is that a word?).  I must be very fertile between March 1st and March 21st.  As if the holidays are not crazy enough, I have 3 birthday parties to plan.  Which is why I have adopted the “every-other-year” big birthday party rule. Some say mean, I say brilliant.

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As Quan explains, Venus, the goddess of love, rules Libra.  Venus has three sides to her, hence why Librans are always seeking balance and harmony.  This makes them exceptional at mentally  weighing and measuring things.

Venus also gives Librans their appreciation for beauty in a person, art, music and things.  Librans are known for their kindness, grace and compassion.

It looks like the next 6 weeks will be a good time for us all to seek balance!

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Astrology 101

There have been some on and off-line questions about astrology. I am no expert, but what I have learned through my favorite astrologer, Quan Tracy Cherry, is that our birth month, day and time gives us our Sun, Moon and Rising signs. If you are curious about your signs, email Quan at Quan@beliefisnotrequired.com and he will send them to you for free. If you want a taste of his talent, he is offering a special on September 8th and September 23rd (the new and full moons) – 20 minutes for $40. If you are interested, give him a call! (816) 931-0010

For those of you new to astrology and want a basic sense of the signs, here you go!

Sun Sign: Determined by your birthday, your sun sign is “the boss” of your chart. It represents the conscious part of yourself – the part that shines out to others. It is the sign we are to learn to be – our life purpose, so to speak – and we have our whole lives to master it.

Moon Sign: Determined by the position of the moon at our birth, which uses our birthday and TIME. The moon represents our unconscious, our inner self and our instincts. Our moon sign comes out in moments of pure emotion and in love relationships. It is our “inner mother”, thus we see these tendencies come out during parenting.

Rising Sign: Determined also by the birthday and TIME. Our rising sign is the mask we wear when meeting others. It is that automatic response to new people, new situations and new environments. It is what we initially “look like” to others.

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Picky, Picky Virgo

I have my moon sign in Virgo, and your moon sign shows us how we tend to “mother.” What does this look like in our house? I need for things to be just so…orderly, perfect. My poor kids can feel the Virgo in me when I make them put their toys in certain assigned tubs and freak out over spilled milk (litterally. well, it was chocolate milk) “Judgemental” Quan says. Yes, I can identify with that.

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Here is this months horoscope with Quan.  Since I am married to a Leo, I can definitely relate to the “needs recognition” attribute. Dalai Dan is not a leo that needs fame and recognition, but if he does the dishes or replaces a light bulb, he better get some kudos.  Wait, maybe that isn’t leo, that is just a man…

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Quan Cherry gives us a little glimpse into Cancer!  Watch out for the lunar eclipse tomorrow, which will have us looking at our past for the next 6 months.  Remember, you can find Quan at KC Free Press and here.

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You can find out more about Quan at his website.  Quan also gives free weekly horoscopes and explains certain astrological changes at KC Free Press.  Look for your Cancer horoscope next month!

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Quan Tracy Cherry used to be an attorney until he found his passion in astrology. Working as an intuitive astrology consultant, Quan has helped hundreds of people with his 20 years experience.  He has been featured for years in magazines, on TV and on the radio.  Not only are his insights fascinating and  eerily right-on, he is also very fun to listen to!

You can find out more about Quan at his website.  Quan also gives free weekly horoscopes and explains certain astrological changes at KC Free Press.  I am so excited that he will be giving us a monthly talk about each of the 12 astrological signs.  Enjoy!

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