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I am excited, nervous, insecure, thrilled and petrified all at the same time.

I mentioned in my Personal Lows and Highs of 2011 that I was working on a new website. My current site is a free platform using WordPress. I made it and managed it myself for long enough. It was desperately needing more functionality and a personal feel.

Working with Tilpro has been a delight (maybe not for them! I am slow as cold molasses) It has been such a learning process. I am in awe of you computer people out there. How do you keep up with all of the changes, products and plug-ins out there? I can’t even keep track of my cel phone.

So, SOMETIME this week, we will finally be going live with it! Enough stalling on my part. I have to get over “It’s not perfect” or “I like hers better than mine” and “But I don’t have my reference page done yet!”

It’s not set in stone, Dalai. You can keep tweaking and adding, so lighten up. (This is my new mantra: lighten up and enjoy the ride)

For those of you already subscribing, I am hoping we don’t lose you. If you don’t here from me after a few days, come check back and re-subscribe. I’d hate to miss any of you amazing people! You will also have an option to subscribe to every post or a weekly newsletter. That is exciting, I know, for all of you wanting to cut down on your emails!

Here is what you will notice right away:

1. Home Page – My home page will give a newcomer a much better feel for what I’m about and allow them to get a quick glimpse of different articles. You can keep coming here and clicking on the articles you want to read OR you can read them in old-fashioned scrolling blog format on the Blog Page.

2. Blog Page – Notice that right after the ABOUT page is a page called BLOG. Go here if you like to read it chronologically, one right after the other, like you have been.

3. New Categories – I tightened up the categories a bit. Hope this doesn’t cause any problems, but I didn’t think I needed a category for my every thought. Let me know if you see anything funny 🙂

4. Share Buttons – Hopefully you will find it easier to spread the Dalai all over the Universe.

5. Print Recipe – YIPPEE! I now have a print recipe button! But, I have not populate all of my old recipes yet (they want be to wait until it goes live so I don’t lose any efforts) and will be working on that after the launch.

Can I ask a favor? If you see wacky things, are disappointed in something, or have a great idea of how I can improve on things, PLEASE send me an email or comment! I completely trust you and want to make this site easy and enjoyable for you. All of this is for you and I want nothing more than make this website like a home away from home. Thanks for al of your support, guys! Send good launching thoughts my way!

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