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Foto Friday

I think you will see exactly why I HAD to post this video a friend sent me…

Have an incredible weekend filled with laughter!

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Swear Jar

It’s that time of year again: Lent. Last year I wrote this article, A Skeptics Lent Reflections, because I have always had an aversion to giving things up for Lent. I feel like someone out there needs to break the rules and I’ve always been happy to take that role.

Looks like this year may be an exception…

So, I was in the car with a bunch of kids and my nephew told us that he was giving up candy (My niece promptly replied she wasn’t giving up anything. My soul-sister, that girl…so proud) and Thomas piped in telling the entire car that I needed to give up swearing for Lent.


I figured if my 10-year-old is parenting me, I may need to step it up a notch. So, I made a deal that I will put a $1 in this jar every time I say a bad word. I’m on the honor system when they are not around. At the end of lent, they can divvy up the money amongst themselves.

It’s only been a day and I’ve already had to pay $3.00.

I think the kids were being extra bad just to make me swear. D&mn them.

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Since they couldn’t yell “damn it!” or “shit!” my children created a new explicative. Fart nuggets. I hear the word all the time.

They spill their milk: fart nuggets.

The dog escapes: fart nuggets.

I tell them to go make their bed: fart nuggets.

I have given out doses of hot sauce. I’ve tried soap. I have threatened. I have ignored.

When it was spoken at the dinner table last night, I almost lost it until Dalai T offered some support.

“I know mom, my friend John isn’t even allowed to say the word “poop” at his house without getting grounded!”

And the only time I have ever heard Dalai Daniel compliment me immediately followed, “Oh, fart nuggets, then I would already be dead! I’m glad you’re my mom.”

I’ve lost control. Fart nuggets.

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Parenting Tip:    “Wash their mouths out with soap” the non-toxic way!

Burn it out with extra hot Sriracha chili sauce! Safe an effective for 5-year-old boys who say “son of a bitch” and “damn-it” when the babysitter is on duty.  May cause eye watering and gaging.  Good on humus too…

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