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Could you handle this every time you wanted a glass of fresh juice?  I tried to do this every day, but the obnoxious mess nearly turned me into mommy dearest:  back off kids, mommy is making some frickin juice, and it isn’t frickin pretty…

I almost threw in the towel until a friend told me a good way to store multiple servings.  I knew that the optimal time to drink the juice is right after making it, since it isn’t exposed to much light and air, but I was willing to forego a little nutritional content if it helped my sanity.

All you need is a used, washed red wine bottle:

And a wine air evacuation pump  and stopper like this:

Now you can make a few glasses of juice, pour it through a funnel (form one out of foil until you get a good one from the store) into the wine bottle and pump the air out. The dark glass protects the nutrients from light and the air pump helps keep it fresh and limits unnecessary air exposure.

There you have it! Now you can juice and only have the ridiculous mess once or twice a week.  Is anyone out there juicing?  What is your favorite combination?


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