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I have always hated asking for help. It was a sign of weakness. Proof that there is something wrong with me – something that I couldn’t do.

I have worked through a lot of those old beliefs, but there is a shadow of them still lurking in the recesses of my childhood brain. There is still part of me that doesn’t want to admit I can’t do it all myself. Sound familiar?

What a crock! Everyone needs support! As a matter of fact, most successful people have had support in the form of a mentor at least one time in their lives. Life Coaches have become so mainstream in Hollywood that just about every actor, director, producer and executive has one.

The turning point for me came 4 years ago. I was feeling lost. Unfulfilled. I had a great life – everything you could want – yet, I felt confused and lacking. I was yearning for more in my life, but couldn’t articulate what “more” was. I knew that traditional counseling wasn’t what I needed, but what then? Who do you turn to when you need help sorting things out and getting back on track?

For me, the answer was a life coach.

A personal life coach helps identify specific goals as well as develop strategies and action plans that will help you achieve the highest level of happiness and success. A good coach helps you envision your future AND gives you the tools to attain that vision. They encourage you to stretch yourself beyond old, dysfunctional beliefs and patterns so you can accomplish your wildest dreams.

So, I finally gave up trying to solve all of my problems and decided to schedule a meeting with a local life coach, Jill Tupper. My first thoughts were, “OMG, am I REALLY doing this? What are people going to think? I’m crazy? Lame? Maybe just a little weird? And, what am I gong to say to her???”

Well, 4 years later and not a day goes by that I am not thankful I asked for help. When I compare where I was 4 years ago to where I am now, it is remarkable.

Before seeing a life coach, my life was centered around a bunch of “shoulds” that kept me busy doing things that were sucking me dry. My path was being decided by what I thought others wanted me to do, not what fed my spirit.

Through her incredible intuition, life experiences, training, and a wide range of tools, Jill was able to get to the heart of the matter in one sitting. Her sessions are like “working meetings” where you leave feeling like you got a lot done and you have a plan in hand. Without her, who knows how long it would have taken me to realize some simple truths that transformed my life’s path.

Since then, I emptied my plate of uninspiring volunteer work, started my own blog, and write almost every day. I have never looked back. I have never felt guilty. And I have thrived.

What do you need? H-E-L-P? Think about getting a mentor. Maybe start your own business support group? (I’m actually interested in starting a local blog support group if anyone is interested) Or, treat yourself to your very own life coach. It is SOOOO nice to have the support.


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