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I hope you all are liking the 21-day Meditation Challenge! I have been loving it (I especially love Deepak’s voice) and only have the criticism that I wish they were longer!


Many of you have told your thoughts to me personally, but put them down in the comments so others get an idea of what it is like!


In the mean time, I was thinking that when the 21 days are over, you may be wondering how to keep up your practice? If you enjoy guided meditation, here are three ways you can get your hands on FREE audio files!


1. Podcasts


Did you know that there are dozens and dozens of FREE guided meditations through the iTunes?


Search for meditation in iTunes. This will bring up all possible forms of meditation, so you will want to filter by media type by selecting “podcasts.”


You can listen right there, find your favorites and download them, and even subscribe to the podcast and get updates when new meditations are available.


Here are some links to a few good iTunes podcasts:


Meditation Oasis


The Meditation Podcast


Meditation station


Dr. Miller


2. Phone Apps


Did you know there were dozens of free meditation iPhone, iPad and Android apps? Many companies offer free “basic” apps, so you can try them out before purchasing their expanded version. I LOVE having a few on my phone for carpool line, the airplane, and even just laying on my couch when I have a few minutes!


Here are some good FREE apps. If you like them, you can consider paying a dollar or two for an expanded app.





Take a Break – This simple app gives you a 7 and 13 minute meditation where you can select your preference for nature or music backgrounds.





Brainwave Tuner – This interesting app gives you a taste of brainwave meditation, where specific tones (no voice) are sent to the left and right ears (must wear headphones) to achieve the same brain patterns as a deep meditation.





Relax and Sleep Well – This free app is a 27 minute meditation by renowned author and clinical hypnotherapist, Glenn Harrold. It gives you a good taste of his voice and style.






Relax Melodies – This cool free app gives you the ability to customize your own ambiance music/noises for your meditation by selecting a combination of up to 10 sounds (you can even alter each sounds volume). There are no voices, so perfect for a self guided meditation.



3. Websites


There are HUNDREDS of websites out there with free guided meditation files to listen to. They key is finding the voice and style that suites you.


Meditation Oasis


Fragrant Heart


My Thought Coach


Magical Living


There you go! Try some of them out and tell me what you think!


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