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The Two Annabelles

Do you think she knows how lucky she is to know her great-grandma?

She met her great-great-grandma too….at age 100.  She finally left us at 103.

Time to call your grandma?

Have a great weekend!





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I played around all day with my new camera lens, taking pictures of the favorite things around my house.  Looking at everyday things though a different lens.  How beautiful.

Have a great weekend!!!

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Foto Friday

Annabelle’s Rocks

After driving home from carpool yesterday, Pissy Missy got out of the car and says to me excitedly, “Mom! You aren’t allowed to take rocks from the playground, so I hid them in my pants!”

Confused at her pride for thievery, she then further clarified, “But I didn’t have any pockets, so I had to put them in my underwear.”

And, low and behold, she proceeded to dig out twenty-five rocks from the butt of her drooping Hello Kitty panties.

Should I be concerned about that? Or should I be more disturbed that I was excited to see the rocks and was disappointed at their poor quality…

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A Tribute to My First Born

Finally back from camp.  Bigger.  Wiser.  Different.  So beautiful from the inside out. How do you look so old?  I didn’t think it would happen so fast.  Please. Slow. Down. Because time keeps stealing my memories.  Ones I never thought I would forget.  I will try to burn the image of your sun drenched face in my head.  Still unaware that you are sitting next to a beautiful girl.  My son.  Growing before my eyes yet still so young and fresh.  Everyday older, everyday smarter, but always my child.

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Foto Friday

Just when I thought I knew all my vegetables, this shows up in my CSA box.

They look like turnips with cancer.

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Remember when I was so proud of my clean family room I posted about it? That was last fall…

Well, I did it again. Cleaned and organized the hell out of it. Thought you might like to see it in its “summer” clothes…

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Happy 4th of July!

I hope you weekend is filled with parties, BBQ, and illegal fireworks!  We have already kicked off our weekend with a steamy Independence Day celebration – the weather man said in only felt like 105 degrees 🙂  Stay cool!

Annabelle and dad – can you tell she look like his side of the family?!

Dalai T …now here is a kid I can claim as my own

Maxie, always moving so this is the best shot I got of him

Ahhh…Dalai Daniel, or Schmaniel, with his dad.  Another dad clone, but with my grandpa’s ears

I’m totally obsessed with this guy.  My nephew.

He is cute, fat, and hilarious

Kids must not feel heat.  They didn’t let it stop them!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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