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I can’t tell you how excited I am that we FINALLY have something like this in Kansas City: prepared vegan meals that can be delivered right to your door.

For the past couple weeks I have been trying Conveniently Natural’s meals so that I could get a really good sense if they were high quality and tasty before saying anything to you.

Well, they have been delicious!

I have tried 13 different menu items and have liked them all and LOVED most of them. Being vegan, all the menu items are dairy-free, but you can also order them gluten free! They come to your door at no extra charge if you order 4 or more meals. Delivery is on Monday, and if you are not around, you leave a cooler on your front porch. And here is the best part: there are no contracts. You can buy what you want when you want.

They come beautifully packaged with instructions on the containers:

Most need to be heated. I opted for warming mine in a small frying pan. It is quick and you avoid zapping the nutrients out of this beautiful food with a microwave.  I thought the meals had great flavor, and many had some kick to them!  And when I felt like they needed something extra, I didn’t shy away from adding sea salt or pepper.

They have been a Godsend to have around for quick, easy, healthy meals. I can see them being used in many different ways:

  • to have on hand for busy days so you don’t grab unhealthy options
  • to help with an “elimination” diet if you are wanting to see if a wheat/gluten intolerance may be causing you problems
  • to fill in meals when on a cleanse and you are already spending a lot of time preparing juices/smoothies
  • to help with a diet, supporting healthy eating with quick options
  • to simply help you eat healthier!!!

There are a few different options to try these meals, from $97 for 13 containers, to $55 for 4 meals.  You can even buy less if you don’t mind picking the meals up.  I froze some of mine and have since used them.  Many of these meals freeze great!
For more information, check out their website:  convenientlynatural.com

Greek Cavatappi Pasta (SO tasty)

Maple-Roasted Root Vegetables with Couscous

Zesty Shiitake Medley with Asparagus and Pumpkin Seeds over Brown Rice (knocked it out of the ballpark!)

Steamed Baby Carrots in Cilantro Cream Sauce

Faux Chicken Salad (LOVED this!)

Warm Chipotle Potato Salad (this had some KICK – yummy!)

Summer Roots with Broccoli and Navy Beans with Blackened Smoked Tofu and Cajun Sweet Potatos (amazing – the cajun spice was delish!)


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