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I know, this isn’t a fashion blog.

I don’t even like to shop for clothes. My favorite invention is the internet because it allows me to try things on in the privacy of my messy closet.  I have skinny mirrors.

What I do love, however, are

  1. smart people that
  2. create something awesome
  3. following their dreams and
  4. their success multiplies into helping others

Chooze shoes are made from all vegan materials (cool, even though I do wear leather and don’t feel bad about it) and 100% of the company’s profits go to anti-poverty programs.

Specifically, 100% go to WOMEN (because we rock, work hard, and raise children) in the form of business loans. When the loans are paid back, the money goes right back in the system, helping other women.

That would be a good enough reason to by an ill-fitting, unfortunate looking pair of kids shoes. But, Chooze has the cutest darn patterns and shapes to chooze from.

Pissy Missy picked purple. There are a couple other patterns on-line I’m aching to buy.

Notice anything unique about these shoes?

The left and the right shoe never match. Some patterns may have circles on one side and flowers on another. Or the same pattern in different colors.

That is so stinking cute.

I want to make something that is amazing and cute that helps the world.


Still thinking…

I guess I’ll just have to buy another pair until it comes to me.

The boxes are from recycled materials and are made for kids to color in.

Um, are these people brilliant?

Mia thinks so. I could hardly keep her out of the pictures.


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