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In my 1 year and 9 months of blogging, I have never looked at my site stats for the year’s most viewed posts.

Today, after seeing every blogger I follow posting “year in reviews,” I got peer pressured into it.

What I found was shocking and (potentially) disturbing…

My boys butts blew all my other posts away.

Here are the top three viewed posts of 2011:

1. Pool Boys

A quick post about swim team and its invasion of my life was never meant to be more than a brief look into a day-in-the-life of yours truly. I couldn’t resist taking picture of the three boys in their speedos because their little butts are so cute. Really a sleeper post, who knew it would get almost 4 times the views as the next three top post.

Those poor unsuspecting Googlers trying to get a hot photo of a toned, tanned and greased-up pool boy must have been very disappointed at the scrawny little butts my post provided. I’m just hoping my boy’s backsides aren’t being used as Sandusky’s screen saver.

2. Piranha!

This post was another quick one sent from the rainforest after a piranha fishing expedition. It wasn’t something I would have thought would find its way to thousands of readers, but WordPress picked it up in “Freshly Pressed” and the rest was history. The power of the internet in amazing if you can get your post in the right hands.

3. 2011 Farmers Market Guide

This helpful post is geared for Kansas Citians who want to participate in the local farmer’s markets. Sometimes it is hard to remember where they are located and what days/times they are open, so each year I plan on updating this information for my local readers!

The most viewed posts were interesting to discover, but they were not my favorite to white or to re-read. After careful reflection, here are:

My Top 10 Favorite Posts of 2011

These post weren’t necessarily the most viewed or most commented, but they meant the most to me. They came from my heart and were written to inspire, teach and open up to you.

My promise to you in 2012 is to write more of these posts. To walk hand-n-hand with you on this journey of self-improvement. More than anything, I want to convey to all my readers over this next year that you are perfect, safe, brilliant, loved and not alone.

Thank you for being a part of my life and join me in 2012 for an amazing year!

1. Reincarnation: A Mid-Life Review

2. Carpool Meditation

3. Great Intentions

4. A Skeptics Lent Reflections

5. Hurry is Fear in Disguise

6. I SAY YES (but I mean no)

7. Presently Present

8. Our Mothers…

9. Is Being Right Pissing You Off?

10. An Easy Way to Identify Your Unconscious Thoughts

And for the Ugliest Post of 2011…

Warning: Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse Part 2

Be safe and have an amazing New Year’s Day!


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