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I have a thing about shoes.

I have a thing about people that give back the the communities that help them succeed.

Put those together and you get UWEZO.

Alexis Hefley spotted these hair-on-hide shoes in a Ugandan market during a visit with her Dallas-based charity, Empower African Children. They were a hit back home, so she helped rebrand the shoe line, now called Uwezo (ooh-WAY-zo), and came up with a business plan to bring them to the States.

That is cool enough alone. I LOVE hearing amazing stories of women who CREATE. Who go beyond the “thought” the “idea” the “hunch” and go for it. (Remember Chooz-y shoes???)

But, Alexis didn’t stop there. The company sends a portion of sales back to Ugandan children through scholarships and reinvesting in their communities.

I WANT TO DO THAT! So, how about you all send my blog all over the world, I’ll figure out a way to make money from it, and give a portion to help WOMEN FOLLOW THEIR DREAMS. There are too many of us out there sitting on talent and mind-blowing ideas that need the encouragement and funds to make it happen.

Until that happens, just buy some shoes and feel good about it 🙂


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