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Look good? This drink is SO refreshing and yummy. It will become your favorite summer juice! Dust of your juicer, readers, you won’t regret it…




Cucumber Mint Limeade

  • 1 medium cucumber
  • 1 pealed lime
  • 1 bunch of mint leaves
  • Pinch of stevia sweetener to taste
Juice your cucumber, lime and mint leaves.  Stir in stevia and pour over ice!

Try this variation:  use basil leaves instead of mint.  Delish!


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Here is an awesome tip that one of my amazing, smart readers turned me onto that revolutionized my juicing routine: bag it!

Do you see what I mean?

Not every juicer works the same, but with a centrifuge juicer you have a large pulp catcher that collects all of the discarded vegetable fibers.

There is already enough to clean up, so why add one more thing? Just use an old produce or grocery store bag and you can clean it up in a snap!

That way you can get to your juice while it’s nice and fresh. Here is a glass of carrot, cucumber, spinach and mint juice sitting on my Great Grandma Lina’s handmade table cloth. Did I tell you sho only had one arm? God, I loved that woman. She lived until she was 96 – and she didn’t even juice!

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I have been SO bad about juicing. I got out of the routine with the holidays and never got back! After a serendipitous blog post from Oh She Glows and then parusing my most recent purchase, Kris Karr’s Crazy Sexy Diet book, my juicing fire was stoked.

I had some beets, celery, carrots and apple handy…

Don’t be fooled by the fruit punch color. It still mostly tastes like beets, which for some like eating dirt of the bottom of your shoe. Oh, but it’s so good for you!

Then I whipped up my Veggie Scramble (recipe here) with onions, red peppers and spinach.

And breakfast was served…

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If you recall my pathetic attempt at a garden this last summer, you probably will be shocked that I am successfully growing and juicing wheat grass. It is so simple, I couldn’t even screw it up.

Why am I drinking (as Dalai Dan calls it) lawn mulch?

There have been entire books written on the benefits of wheat grass and its unparalleled health benefits. Juicing wheat grass was the idea of Ann Wigmore and Victoria Kulvinskas back in the 1970s. Wigmore cured herself of cancer with grasses and spent the rest of her life studying them.  Her research and other subsequent scientific studies have proven, over and over again, the magical power of juiced wheat grass.

Wheat grass’s magic lies in its chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is anti-bacterial and has extraordinary detoxifying and purifying properties. When it comes to detoxifying, drinking 15 pounds of wheat grass juice is the equivalent of drinking 350 pounds of vegetable juice! It can rebuild the bloodstream, help alkaline the body’s ph balance, and oxygenate blood and tissue. Drinking chlorophyll is like drinking liquid sunshine. Literally. Chlorophyll is the first product of light and contains more potential light energy than any other molecule known.  It’s like harnessing the power of the sun!1

Check out Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Cancer or look into the Hippocrates Health Institute if you want to learn about real people who healed themselves through diet and juicing wheat grass.  There are amazing stories out there.

If you are ready to try wheat grass, you can find juice bars that offer wheat grass shots, but you can also purchase a wheat grass kit and grow/harvest/juice your own wheat grass.  These kits make it so easy, you don’t even have to buy your own dirt.

My kit came from www.wheatgrasskits.com.  I’m sure my local farmers would laugh at how much I paid for some dirt, a few trays and some seed, but I need all the help I can get.  The laminated step-by-step guide was key.  I am growing my wheat grass inside, by a kitchen window.  It’s next to my vegetable juicer, wheat grass juicer, Vitamix blender and tray of assorted health food goodies, like maca root and chia seeds.  Dalai Dan can hardly find a place to scoop his ice cream anymore…

Wheat grass started kit

Dalai Lina’s wheat grass tray

It just takes one ounce a day!


1.  Living Whole Foods, Inc. “Wheatgrass, Sprouts, Microgreems, and the Living Food Diet”

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Could you handle this every time you wanted a glass of fresh juice?  I tried to do this every day, but the obnoxious mess nearly turned me into mommy dearest:  back off kids, mommy is making some frickin juice, and it isn’t frickin pretty…

I almost threw in the towel until a friend told me a good way to store multiple servings.  I knew that the optimal time to drink the juice is right after making it, since it isn’t exposed to much light and air, but I was willing to forego a little nutritional content if it helped my sanity.

All you need is a used, washed red wine bottle:

And a wine air evacuation pump  and stopper like this:

Now you can make a few glasses of juice, pour it through a funnel (form one out of foil until you get a good one from the store) into the wine bottle and pump the air out. The dark glass protects the nutrients from light and the air pump helps keep it fresh and limits unnecessary air exposure.

There you have it! Now you can juice and only have the ridiculous mess once or twice a week.  Is anyone out there juicing?  What is your favorite combination?

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